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F103G Air Geared Polisher
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Brand: Flawless Concepts
Price: N/A
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Deliver: In 75 days
Expiry: Long-term
Update date 2015-12-28 10:42
Unconventional air geared polisher tuned by our master!
Maximise you performance and bring you the best result!
Unstoppable power, excellent cut and unique polishing track!
Eliminate sanding mark easily!
Leaves a brilliant shine in final step polishing!
More durable and less air consumption!
Top class balance provides the smoothest polishing process ever!
Experince the ultimate air polisher  revolution!

1300 RPM

ORBIT:                                  5.5 mm

PAD SIZE:                            75 mm

AIR CONSUMPTION:      330 L/min

AIR PRESSURE:                 6 - 9 bar

WEIGHT:                             0.9 kg

NOISE LEVEL:                    84 dBA